About this server

Alpha MuOnline Season 6 Ep3 Opening 16 January, 2021. Exp: 1000x, Drop 50%, Working in-game events, active admins and GMs,BALANCED GamePlay and PvP, PvM, Custom boss drop, custom event drops. Join us on 16 January!


Season 6 Episode 3
Original server files (no custom)

Experiencia: 1000x

Drop: 50%

Idioma del servidor: inglés

Online desde: 2021-01-16

Reset System

Reset Level: 400

Reset Limit: No

Reset Stats: No

Reset Skills: No

Reset Inventory: No


Max Level: 400

Max Stats: 65000

Bless Bug: No

Grand Reset System: Yes

Real Money

WebShop: Yes

Vip System: Yes

Online Credits System: Yes


Additional Information

GRAND OPENING ON 16/01/2021!

Contacto: Facebook Chat