About this server

TODAY SUPER BEST MAX STYLE X9999 - SPANISHMU OPENING 25/09 Season 15 Part 2, Exp: x9999 DROP 80 3D CAMERA, New Map Ferea, New monsters, New events Lord of Ferea and Knicks, Dark Angel Items, Blood Angel weapons, New Socket Items, New Pentagrams


Season 15 Episode 3
Custom Files (not original)

Experiencia: 9999x

Drop: 80%

Idioma del servidor: maltés [Malta]

Online desde: 0000-00-00

Reset System

Reset Level: 400

Reset Limit: No

Reset Stats: No

Reset Skills: No

Reset Inventory: No


Max Level: 1200

Max Stats: 32767

Bless Bug: No

Grand Reset System: Yes

Real Money

WebShop: Yes

Vip System: Yes

Online Credits System: Yes

Contacto: Facebook Chat