About this server

IF YOU BRING A FRIEND YOU GET 500 CREDITS Season: 6 Episode Ep 3 DexterMu. Exp: Dynamic 60-80x. Drop: 35%. Grand Reset 28 Reward 10k Credites Stats After reset and GR stays !!! Wings & items from S14,S15 !! Items Shop Can Be buyed FO +15 and 5 Sockets

Faceboock:Mudexter !
Discord:DexterMu !


Season 6 Episode 3
Custom Files (not original)

Experiencia: 80x (Dinamic)

Drop: 35%

Idioma del servidor: rumano [Rumania]

Online desde: 2020-03-30

Reset System

Reset Level: 400

Reset Limit: Yes: 30 resets

Reset Stats: Yes

Reset Skills: Yes

Reset Inventory: Yes


Max Level: 400

Max Stats: 65000

Bless Bug: No

Grand Reset System: Yes

Real Money

WebShop: Yes

Vip System: Yes

Online Credits System: Yes


Contacto: Facebook Chat